Human Mutilation by Reptilians: Declassified Document Reveals Horrifying Intel

When it comes to ufology, few topics are more terrifying than cattle mutilations. Hundreds of bovine have died under bizarre circumstances throughout the decades. All cases share eerily similar characteristics: organs are extracted with laser-like precision, blood is completely drained, scavengers avoid the area, and high levels of radiation surround the carcass. Bones are shattered as if something dropped the cow from an extreme height. Chillingly, other species can fall prey to this brutal fate. Humans have caught the eye of whoever— or whatever, is responsible for such abominable carnage. Stranger yet, a declassified document suggests the culprit is quite literally out of this world.

A Ministry of Defense publication titled Unidentified Flying Object Correspondence sheds light on disturbing livestock mutilation incidents dating back to the late 1800s. Things take an ominous turn on page 60 where authors state: “the most frightening part of the mutilation activity is that not only animals, but humans, have been found mutilated in a similar manner on numerous occasions.” 

A Horrifying Firsthand Encounter

Bill English, son of a state legislator and former Green Beret captain, would unwillingly become directly involved with the inexplicable phenomenon. While serving as a Special Forces commander in Laos, he received an emergency call from a nearby B-52 bomber. The frantic pilot exclaimed the plane was being attacked by a UFO. English’s 10-person squadron was immediately dispatched to the last known coordinates. After a brief search, they located an in-tact vessel resting on the forest floor. There was no indication of a crash-landing and each crew member remained strapped in their safety harnesses. However, to the recovery team’s horror, every occupant was deceased. 

Each passenger had been violently disfigured. According to the esteemed soldier, their anus was cored out to the colon, corkscrew patches of skin were sliced from the neck and jaw, eyes and genitalia were removed by extremely precise surgery yet no blood was found anywhere. Following this harrowing ordeal, he was approached by government agents. They tasked him with investigating other human mutilation cases. English soon learned that his firsthand experience in the Laotian jungle was merely the tip of an enormous iceberg. Authorities were fully aware of the increasing number of slaughtered citizens and intentionally kept this information hidden from the public.

A Sinister Subterranean Race

Within the report (released via a Freedom of Information Act request), correspondents provide a shocking glimpse at those behind these gruesome murders. Sources from the CIA, law enforcement, military, and other federal agencies, blame a nefarious group of reptilians. According to whistleblowers, the ‘Dracos’ are an ancient race of subterranean dwellers. Subservient grey aliens frequently do their bidding and harvest unsuspecting victims. These lizard-like humanoids feed on mortal flesh for both sustenance and pleasure alike. The creatures are said to be incredibly intelligent, malicious, aggressive, and apex predators. Further in the document is a list of physical attributes. Reptoids are described as follows:

  • A bipedal saurian species 
  • Approximately 7 feet tall
  • Devoid of body hair
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Large slanted eyes with slit pupils 
  • 3-digit webbed hands & feet
  • Sharp claws
  • ‘Scaley’ ribbed skin 
  • Lack of external reproductive organs

Throughout the dossier, writers repeatedly emphasize the diabolical nature of reptilians. This cold-blooded species is devoid of emotion and see people as mere cattle to be consumed. Even more concerning, they are master chameleons that can shapeshift at will. Readers are left with an ominous warning regarding the danger these entities pose. National insiders state: “the serpent race is, according to various sources, extremely intelligent, cunning, and elusive. Some believe that only Divine Intervention itself will be able to defeat this ultimate threat to humankind.”

For more declassified documents, check out Inside the Black Vault: the Government’s UFO Secrets Revealed by John Greenewald Jr. 

19 thoughts on “Human Mutilation by Reptilians: Declassified Document Reveals Horrifying Intel

  1. Marley November 23, 2022 / 9:20 pm

    This is the kind of weird shit I love reading when I’m high.

  2. Truth Seeker November 23, 2022 / 9:38 pm

    Check out the White Sands missile test range mutilation. It’s a case that happened in the 1950s that took place at an Air Force base and was documented by the military. Reminds me of the one Bill English described. Creepy stuff.

    • BlatziethePinhead November 23, 2022 / 9:46 pm

      What have been called mutilations of cattle were determined decades ago to be the action of scavengers. Small scavengers eat small, soft parts ;like genitals, lips, ears, eyes because they can’t break the large bones of the larger dead critters

  3. Barbara November 23, 2022 / 10:05 pm

    All I know is some of these political leaders definitely don’t look human to me. Just look at their eyes. Something is amiss.

  4. Lupa November 23, 2022 / 10:12 pm

    Hi everyone, I’ve been interested in all this wackiness for decades so here’s some info that I hope you’ll find interesting.
    Reptilians? David Icke is the guy to read.
    FROM comment at David Icke Forum: Many reliable diverse sources have clarified things … This planet is controlled by a gang of 3 separate ET groups . The Annunaki , these are the ones that bred with us thousands of years ago established an elite bloodline to rule in their stead … The Arcturians … and the Reptilans who have the unique ability to impersonate other life forms . Reptilians kill and replace certain high level humans for more effective control here … It’s thought that this has happened to a few hundred people worldwide , CIA controllers , top Military people, mostly those behind the scenes who ferment wars and trouble.
    Put in search box—”Spotting reptilians” at David Icke Forum at

    Information on this comes from whistleblowers from the SSP who interact with Reptilians in their natural form , and particularly Karl Mollison .

    RE “cattle (and other) mutilations” check Linda Moulton Howe She’s been on this cattle mutilations story for decades.Good intro to her work here:

    At Linda’s site on the cattle mutilations, here’s over 400 search entries

    • Barbara November 23, 2022 / 11:19 pm

      Great information, thank you for sharing. I will check out the links you provided. Looking forward to watching the documentary this weekend. I’m always looking for new material to further my research.

  5. Bobby November 23, 2022 / 10:24 pm

    These reptilians sound like some real jerks.

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