The Same ‘Experts’ Who Told Pregnant Women to Smoke, Sprayed Kids with DDT & Called Asbestos Safe Are Now Saying ‘Trust the Science’

During a press meeting last month, White House Principal Deputy Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre ordered Americans to comply with CDC guidelines simply because experts ‘say so’. Citizens are being demanded to unwaveringly obey nonsensical demands with a cult-like blind trust in the official narrative. Trust the science has become a mantra parroted by the media and government officials who really mean don’t ask questions. However, history repeatedly proves that formerly perceived facts are often falsehoods.

Medical professionals told their patients smoking was a harmless habit and encouraged tobacco usage.

For hundreds of years, it was believed our world was the center of the universe. Amid the Renaissance era, Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for believing the Earth was round. Astronomers who stated the planet revolved around the sun were imprisoned or tortured. Most notably, Galileo was accused of heresy and placed under house arrest for the remainder of his life for challenging the Geocentric model. Over 350 elapsed before he was finally issued a public apology.

In the 1930s-50s doctors claimed that smoking was safe and provided numerous health benefits. Physicians recommended cigarettes to patients as a way to ease throat irritation. They even encouraged pregnant women to regularly partake in tobacco usage. Expectant mothers suffering from morning sickness were prescribed the sedative drug thalidomide. Medical professionals insisted the medication posed no risk to developing fetuses. As time passed, the dangers became apparent after miscarriages skyrocketed. Thousands of babies born suffered from severe birth defects including the absence of limbs, undeveloped internal organs, missing eyes, and ears.

Millions of people were exposed to the dangerous carcinogen DDT.

Asbestos was used as a building material in home construction globally for much of the twentieth century. The heat-resistant electrical insulator was deemed nonhazardous by authorities. Yet it is presently understood that the product is toxic and causes serious diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. DDT is a chemical compound commonly used as an insecticide. Chemists insisted the pest-deterring spray was harmless to humans. Children were frequently doused with this noxious gas. Further research has proven the poisonous substance causes various types of cancers, infertility, nervous system damage, and developmental issues.

Pentagon representatives mandated the Anthrax vaccine for all active-duty service members in the 1990s. Thousands of soldiers were injected despite the inoculation lacking FDA approval. More than 275,000 Gulf War Veterans became seriously ill with symptoms including memory loss, muscular pain, joint swelling, and severe headaches. Tests conducted on military personnel revealed over 95% had Squalene antibodies in their bloodstreams. This illegal substance is used to increase the potency of vaccinations and banned due to alarming side effects.

Thousands of babies were born with malformed limbs after their mothers were prescribed thalidomide.

Herd mentality and groupthink have hijacked the human species. Universal Stockholm syndrome has left much of society blind to blaring inconsistencies. True science means asking questions. Opposing viewpoints should be encouraged, not censored. Compromised political shills have replaced common sense and critical thinking. Follow the money trail and you will find public figures who have capitalized on fictitious claims for decades. Intuition is our greatest gift and that is the one thing you can put your trust in.

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  1. Greg P. September 30, 2021 / 4:09 pm

    You guys totally nailed it. Love how you connect the history of previous decades because it shows the clear pattern. I’m sure most people back then didn’t think anything of the practices of the day. Just as in modern times they are promoting a form of gene therapy never used on humankind with no animal trials as totally safe and tested. Yep.

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