A Global Masquerade: the Truth About Face Masks

Over fifty countries worldwide are now requiring mandatory face masks under the pretense of combating COVID-19. Noncompliance could result in being denied entry to public areas or businesses, termination of employment, a hefty fine and even arrest. We have been told sacrifices must be made for the greater good. Many are willing to abandon certain personal liberties in the perceived exchange of safety. Yet it appears current commands are not merely ineffective but downright detrimental to physical health. In fact, individuals who frequently wear facial coverings are subjected to a variety of harmful side effects.

Mona Lisa Mask (3)
Those who wear face masks suffer from a host of detrimental side effects.

Disrupts pH Balance

Acid-based balance, also known as pH, refers to a person’s acidity level. Our bodies are designed to naturally maintain a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity within the bloodstream. Optimum wellness takes place when stability is achieved. Both the kidneys and lungs play a critical regulatory role. If someone isn’t obtaining adequate amounts of oxygen, carbon dioxide accumulates throughout the tissues. Within the vascular system, excess CO2 molecules combine with water and create carbonic acid which causes lowered pH. Numerous adverse complications can occur including a serious medical condition called acidosis.


Most citizens who have worn the constricting attire for any length of time commonly complain of cranial ailments. A recent study of 159 healthcare workers found that over eighty percent developed headaches after employing face masks. Consequently, more than half of the hospital staff members required medication for relief. Some experienced intense migraines with severe symptoms including nausea, vomiting, neck discomfort and light sensitivity. In all cases, the onset of pain occurred within one hour of PPE implementation while spontaneous recovery took place within sixty minutes of removal.


Another dangerous malady attributed to respiratory protection usage is insufficient oxygenation. Researchers used an oximeter to monitor fifty-three surgeons’ blood before and after surgery. Upon analysis, it was determined that masks caused significantly reduced amounts of oxygen. There was a direct correlation between the duration of time worn and decrease in O2 compounds. N-95s can decrease levels by twenty percent when utilized for extended periods. Such a drop in crucial chemical elements can lead to stroke, heart attack or loss of consciousness. Precisely this scenario transpired in New Jersey after a lone occupant passed out and crashed his vehicle into a telephone pole.

Increased Bacterial Intake

Retired neurosurgeon, Doctor Russell Blaylock, has written about the potential repercussions of masks. He warned exhaled viruses are unable to escape due to constant air recirculation. Bacterium become trapped within the nasal cavity and enter the olfactory nerve, a region responsible for our sense of smell. Microbes travel through this passage and directly into the brain. Additionally, people who sport cover-ups are far more likely to touch their faces because of the constant need for readjustments. When one isn’t able to breathe adequately claustrophobia inevitably sets in and triggers the desire to alter constricting or ill-fitting material. Each graze carries germs that are transferred from the surfaces they live on.

Does Not Prevent Viruses Entering Your System

The Center for Disease Control analyzed findings obtained from fourteen randomized controlled trials regarding pandemic exposure. After reviewing data collected over the course of seven decades, CDC officials stated: “we found no significant reduction in transmission with the use of face masks.” Respirators were originally intended for defense against Tuberculosis. They are futile unless properly designed and fitted to the wearer. Furthermore, TB is a bacterial infection while COVID-19 is a virus. Bacteria are about one thousand times larger than a virus which renders masks useless in present application. It is equivalent to expecting a chain link to keep mosquitos out of your yard.

Fauci Mask
Do as I say, not as I do.

There are presently no regulations enforcing what type of filtration garment is deemed sufficient. Donning a pair of used underwear is considered perfectly acceptable outing apparel. Dr. Anthony Fauci declared face masks should be worn as a ‘symbol’ of good behavior. Open your eyes; this is not about protecting the public. We are guinea pigs in a global experiment of willful obedience. When one looks at the evidence it becomes apparent that current guidelines are not in humanity’s best interest. Take a step back and tune out the incessant noise. Ask yourself: am I wearing a mask simply because I’ve been told to do so?

12 thoughts on “A Global Masquerade: the Truth About Face Masks

  1. Dave July 30, 2020 / 1:23 pm

    Glad to know my fishnet stockings are sufficient protection. That’ll keep that evil corona away! Lol. I tell you people get dumber by the day. They act like some war hero for wearing face masks and “saving lives”. The only thing they’re doing is poisoning themselves with carbon dioxide and spreading more bacteria because they’re constantly touching their faces then everything around them. It’s nasty.

    • Ash July 30, 2020 / 5:52 pm

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dave. I hope that more people start to question the current narrative for their own health and freedom.

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