Bizarre Beasts of Cryptozoology

For those of you who are unaware, ‘Down the Chupacabra Hole’ is a play on Alice in Wonderland’s magical imagery. After all, the concept of entering a previously hidden word where things aren’t quite what they seem rings true for conspiracy theorists. For nearly two years, I have envisioned a chupacabra-white rabbit hybrid greeting readers who stumble upon my little corner of the internet. I am happy to announce we finally have our official mascot!  Thank you to the wonderful Gazoo Shop who created such incredible artwork for DTCH. They specialize in animations, photography, graphic design and video production. If you’re a fan of enigmatic undiscovered species, you’ll love Gazoo’s other illustrations. 


Cryptozoology enthusiasts looking for a fun Friday night will love their Bizarre Beasts of Cryptozoology card game. Each deck contains thirty-two laminated casino quality prints packaged in a charming slip box. Easy to follow instructions are also included. The beautifully composed collection features dozens of cryptids— both infamous monsters and lesser-known specimens. While battling friends or family members in an epic match, you’ll simultaneously learn about legendary creatures from nearly every continent on Earth. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! 


“In the style of the Classic 70s point battling card game, it’s time to put on your cryptozoologist hat and meet some of the worlds most elusive and fantastical creatures! Each of the 30 cards features original artwork depicting a different cryptid; the legendary Sasquatch and Loch Ness Monster, the terrifying Mothman and Chupacabra, the bizarre Snallygaster and Hodag, the shy Squonk and Loveland Frogmen and many many more. Battle it out with the categories of ‘Sightings’, ‘Danger!’, ‘Size’, ‘Make a Good Pet?’ and ‘Fame’! Learn fascinating facts about each of these barely credible beasts!”


Be sure to visit Gazoo’s official online shop and follow them on Instagram for your daily dose of cryptid creatures.

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